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Questionable seller, anyone know anything, name is Tyler Spyrison

Guy popped up as a guest on the Sudbury Airsoft forum under the name "Tyler Spyrison" and is selling some guns for incredibly cheap prices

-TM M733 Commando with slight upgrades and battery for $230
-G18c for $70
-TM sig552 slightly upgraded for $230
-8 M16 star mags for $30

and a bunch of other stuff. This all just seems WAY too good to be true and I was wondering what other people thought about this. American trying to sell to Canadians? Guy just trying to rip people off? I dont know what to make of it, I sent him an email asking what province hes in but he aint a Sudbury local, still waiting for a response.

He linked to this site with pics of what he is selling and the orange tip of the Glocks makes me wonder, but the other guns seem to be amerature pics and none of the rest have the orange tips.
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