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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Oh dear god... ppimppanda, please, stop typing for a while?

lol... no no keep going, we gotta get Greylocks back in line here. He did miss that kid that changed his age when the arguement was against him being a minor :P

Just kidding Greylocks...

And the permit to take guns across the border only works for Regristered guns if you Canadian, and they have to be NON-restricted guns. And then you have to apply to State law as well, make sure its a NON-restricted fire arm, in what ever state you intend to pass through. And the only permit you can get for bringing them in if they are Restricted, is that they are not prohibited and you are MOVING to Canada, IE. its not going there and then coming back or hopping the fence.

And you have to start trying to get this in advance, long into advance. I think my Uncle Jack gets the permit almost 4-6 months in advance of going down to the states to go Hunting... I think the last two years he's been just using a rifle that a relative owns down there were they hunt. Don't know... I was content with the white tail here in Ontario... thats just me...

EDIT: I should say "NON-Restriced 'FIRE'-arms"
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