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Best method for applying silicone oil to mag?

As no one probably knows, I will be getting my stock KSC Glock 18c tomorrow and have already purchased 100% Pure Silicone Shock Oil (Grade: 10) to lube the mag before I fill it up with PC Duster gas (1,1,2 Tetrafluoroethane). I am aware that I should put 1-2 drops of the lube where the gas is supposed to be filled, but I was wondering what the best method for applying it. Is aiming and letting a drop fall the only way?

PS: If you need some way of transfering gas from the PC Duster gas to your magazine, look around at the dollar store for butane bottles with "Universal Adapters". My butane bottle was called "Helping Hand" and came in a White/Blue metal bottle with a red cap. Try all the adapters for the right one.
KSC Glock 18c
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