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Originally Posted by jtf2-phalanx
When new players think their camo will keep them totally hidden but haven't learned the art of moving slowly or quietly. Also, when they hide behind a tree that you are hiding behind when nobody saw you go there in the first place. (now everyone's looking at you) :smack:
That's a big peeve of mine.

Other than that I don't have many huge peeves for new players because they eventually learn, and most of the ones i've encountered weren't that bad. Most of the mistakes they make will be corrected within a few games anyway.

I'm not a noob by most means, but I do have simple gear. My kit isn't all that expensive, i've got a cheap vest and few mags, woodland jacket/pants,boots, my AEG, and a cheap side arm, the basics. That's all i've got, but I find I enjoy it as much as all those folks who go full out with their kits.
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