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One thing I'd like to point out about the whole accidental shooting by police offcier shit, is:

14. On August 23, 1998, Michael Jones, a 16-year old boy, was shot 17 times and critically wounded by two police officers in Brooklyn, New York while riding a bicycle because he had a water gun that looked like a 9mm MP5 submachine gun.

Did they need to shoot him 17 times? Like, is 17 shots really necessary? And what 16 year old let alone one from Brooklyn, can AFFORD a real MP5?!?! The problem with all these things is people just being stupid. Pointing toy guns at people, brandishing them, whatever, but also cops being too quick to shoot, and even quicker to shoot to kill. What ever happened to shooting someone to wound them? No, now it's about emptying a clip into someone THEN seeing if the gun was real. PLEEEEEAAASEEEEEE... Just ridiculous.

21. On December 26, 1997, a father and his two sons, ages twelve and fourteen, were shot several times and injured by their neighbor, while the two brothers were playing in their backyard with the paint ball gun that the younger brother had received as a Christmas present the day before.

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