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Originally Posted by Kid
Originally Posted by Greylocks
I'll give you a hint; if they are not on the list.... either there are none, or you should avoid them like the plague.
What about...

Canadian Airsoft?



There are many reputable places that have proven to be great retailers but have not made the list yet.
To be on the list the retailer has to submit there link to a mod themselves. I believe that's how it works. Either way those places aren't in Ontario.

To answer the original question there is:

Tru Mart (which has already been mentioned.)

6mm Imports (not in the retailers link as they don't have a website)

SD-Unit (which is in the retailers link)

Kuramae (not in retailers link because they suck ass, avoid like plague)

Storeskeeper (sells mostly accessories)

Army Issue (great place for gear)

Airosft Innovations (in the retailers links)

Illusion airsoft (has add in the buy and sell, accessories section)

Doing a search on ASC, you should have atleast found half of those. All of them are in or around Toronto.
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