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LUTNIT, there are people trying to lift that law, and the "Safe Streets Act." So that panhendlers can't be touched by the police.

But I agree and dissagree with Lisa here. Yes you take away every outlet of aggression a kid has, its like corking a bottle rocket and sticking it in a paint shaker. But where do you draw the line on "toy guns". I mean I went into Toys R' Us the other day and was estactic to see a WHOLE row of Tonka trucks again. I've never seen them in such quantity in any store for quite some time now. But what I still do NOT see very much of are super soapers or nerf Guns. I've seen some Laser Tag set ups.

My question is why are we not getitng our kids these kinda toys anymore? I mean what REALLY happened to capguns and nerf guns and all those. They were FUN! lots of it too. But now the kid has to feel ganster and shoot a little metal ball or pellet out of a gun that HAS to look "Mother****ing" pimp!... -.- God I hate this kinda crap... anyway

A ban on Air guns, I'm cool with that, specially in public. Although I don't think they should ban kids at say a public firing range ((I know its still kinda considered private)) when his dad or older brother (over 18 or something) goes in to shoot targets.

And in the end, if you read any of these instances noted in the threads above "Child show because Officer saw a gun," Maybe it only took a second for the Officer to react. I mean they train officers to shoot cardboard cut outs, and bandguys always have guns on them! So he see's gun, doesn't think and just reacts like his training tells him, "Gun=bad=shoot him before he shoots you!" So, if banning public display of airguns and toy guns for kids, that just seems to be more a safety thing for the kid! I mean the officer is safe, he has his kevlar and uniform and glock or 9mm what ever issue. But the kid has, no armor, no brains, and a gun in hand, spells trouble to me.

So again its bascially back to the fine line that needs to be drawn here, what IS "safe" and what isn't "Safe!" If its not safe then we need to stop it, if its safe, then there is no problem.
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