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  • Buying crap equipment cause they think it looks cool.
  • Spending every penny they have on that crap because they want everything CHEAP and NOW instead of saving for what's worth using and waiting a while to get it.
  • Putting mountains of shit on their first AEG only to find that gun rice doesn't make you a better player.
  • Exhaust themselves in the first 5 minutes of a game then retire to the safe area.
  • Buy brand-new boots and wear them on the field without breaking them in.
  • Make negative comments about vets like "You should get a tac vest instead of that webbing" not realising that the person in question has owned every single peice of equipment possible and reverted to what works best for the game in question
  • Kiss ass to other vets they've never met because it makes them feel like they're "in the club"
  • Throw salutes and call people SIR. Jesus Christ, it's a SIMULATED rank man. I don't take myself that seriously...
  • Use flashlights at night games, blinding everyone around them and then getting shot by the opfor who properly developped his or her natural night vision
  • Put 500 fucking IR patches on their BDU for that uber-leet spec ops look, not realising that their leetness just gave me a fucking beacon to zero in on with my NVG.
  • Wear sneakers. I ain't carrying you out later, pal.
  • Bringing only ding-dongs and licorice as a food source.
  • Play General.
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what if it model after his?
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