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Hi Mole,
Nice to meet you! (sortof - y'know - internet and stuff)

Off the top of my head:

- It might be one thing taking our guns that way across the border, but getting them back is unlikely. Importing guns here usually results in confiscation. To reiterate, it's a "touchy subject", and most people aren't willing to risk going across the border with our gear. I speak generally of course.

- Rules are field based (general rules like "eye protection" and "safe gun handling" are mandatory of course)

- The laws don't apply to magazines for airsoft, I think you may have read about Canadian regulations on magazines for restricted rifles and pistols (limited to 5 and 10 rounds respectively ... I believe. Anyone more knowledgeable feel free to correct me)

- Limitations on airsoft are difficult to describe here:

Most of the difficulty comes from simply getting items into Canada. Once they're here, there's really no rules about them, besides ensuring they fire under a certain energy (like pellet guns) to ensure they aren't classified as "firearms". Beyond that, it's simply a matter of discretion.

Thanks for the invitation, and although I'm sure many of us are willing and enthusiastic about the idea of coming down to play, as it stands, most of us are very cautious about even travelling within Canada with our airsoft, so I think (despite the interest), it's more likely that many of us will play it safe and unfortunately pass on the offer.

What WOULD work is arranging a meet whereby loaned equipment was available... but that's something else entirely.

Anyhow, enjoy ASC.
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