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Airsoft Canada

Hey Everyone!

My name's Mole, I'm from the North Eastern Airsoft Group from the U.S.
I'm with a team called the Green Mountain Rangers, out of Vermont.

I was just wondering about Airsoft Canada, and how everyone up there plays?
I don't know if they are the same rules as down here, or if the rules are field based???

Also, what kind of regulations do you have in Canada? Could an airsoft gun be brought across the border??

I saw that there were some strange laws about airsoft in Canada and about how certain magazines were allowed, while others weren't.

I was just wondering if you have any players come across the border from the U.S to play? It would be nice to come across the border and play with some of you!

Anyways, if anyone is ever interested, our boards are over at

We have a couple of big games coming up this spring. If you have any games coming up, near Montreal Area, post them up here!!

Green Mountain Rangers
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