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Review - KJ P226 Quickoverview

Well this is only a quick reivew of the KJ P226 at Specarms. I didn't buy it because I already have a TM P226.

First off the when picking up the KJ P226 you will notice its very heavy alot heavier then a TM P226 witha PGC FMU kit installed. Im not sure why but its heavy the weight tends to lean towards the front. Second thing you'll notice is there are zero trades sucks but deal with it. The only noticeable trade is on the grips "P226" on the left and "KJ Works" on the right.

The magazine well its almost a 1:1 copy of the TM one but its alot shinyer. There are rumors going around that TM mags don't work with the KJ and vis versa. Unfortuneatly I was unable to give it a try.

First thing I tried was taking off the slide and give a look inside. Its all TM a copy so I looks all fimiler even the Hopup is the same I only took a look so I didn't rip it apart.

Gasing up with "Duster" and firing off a few shots I notices its extremely weak the slide won't even lock back. So I degased regas up with Propane and it fired fine. Accuracy well I can say I can easily hit the bulleye at 2 meters I had very limited space to work with. Recoil seemed weak but I didn't have my P226 to compare it to.

Upgrading the KJ shouldn't be a problem parts from Nine ball and Guarder should fit unless it doesn't then well you sell it to someone that can use it :razz:

So if your lookin for a FMU P226 and your not picky on trades or have your own "CNC Laser Machine" The KJ P226 its a good option. YOU BUY NOW!!!
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