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Originally Posted by Craig
your right!!! relax okay sit back and relax.... NO! hes fucking around with me because im 17 and he thinks he can get away with it... if i sit back nothing will be solved.. i have to take action and im trying to find out the best ways to deal with it football season is over. there for cant release stress and a punching bag with corys face on it isn't enough either.....
I don't understand this whole 'he's ripping me off because I'm seventeen' stuff. You just said that a handful of other people have problems with him as well, are they all 17? I'm sure they're not. I don't think it makes much sense to go off on these wild tangents about your age, since, if he agreed to sell to you in the first place despite the fact that you ARE under 18, I doubt your age is the real kicker.

Do you feel overly self-conscious about your age compared to the rest of us? Do you feel vulnerable around older people? I just don't get this whole persecution complex you have going on here.
... lets just establish this right now that I am a woman...

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