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Craig as a 17 year old youve probably yet to have a wake up call and this is your first one. How do you plan on having this "RCMP applicant" (calling him that cause weve seen no confirmation) life ruined? Your going to complain to the RCMP? whos going to advise you to go to small claims. You going to complain to the local police? Whom MIGHT put together an investigation which as people have told you would probably end with them telling you to go to small claims court. Even if you cant go then get your parent to file the claim for you. Sometimes just recieving the notice could give people a WAKE UP call and he'll pay you.

Yah I would take the $20 money order like a slap in the face too. However trash talking him in the grand hall of ASC acomplishes nothing. He has already been removed from the magical list of ASC's recommended dealers which is about asa much pull as you can get from here. Continuing to trash talk about him here does nothing to further your cause.

In Short. Tomorow is Thursday. Small claims opens at 0830 hours.
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