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Originally Posted by JacoNB
See my edit above.

- Also, if you can't help yourself (i.e. taking him to small claims court) - how do you plan on helping others?

I'm not trying to be an ass here, but a.) you're a minor and b.) you're posting a thread that is exactly the same as the last thread -- which was locked by a moderator for a reason.

Just tread lightly, man. Relax a bit, we know you're pissed off. You're just going to make a bad reputation for yourself before you've even started.

Yep... pointed out that him being a minor thing... he doesn't get it JacoNB... he thinks that because he had his mommy talk to the guy that its legal. Its not, you HAVE to be 18 to buy ANY airgun in Canada. For as long as I can remember, you have to have your parent go into the store to buy a gun for you, any kind of gun (Save cap guns and squirt guns and the very obvious ones). However, even after asking my dad who said that as long as HE can remember, from some of the very daisy BB guns, it was an 18+ thing to buy. Even though they were for kids and were considered toys, a parent had to buy it.

And I got that backed up by my brother who is in the RCMP and admitted to me that he didn't know much about the laws on guns because its not really his end of work, he's more into traffic and domestic response. But he got some of the info verified by the the "gun nut" for his department, and he said that airguns are always 18+ to buy, no matter how dinky, or petty they are.
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