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Atlantic amory....

Here i am wanting to get into airsoft. but a guy named cory rusk ruined it for me. I had ordered a tm ak-47 from him ON NOVEMBER 15 AND IT IS NOT MARCH 1st. ive been asking for my money back for a month now and he kept on giving me excuses. he finaly whiped up a money order and showed me the pictures so i wouldn't file complints which WILL ruin his carreer as an officer. dont bother asking how it can ruin his career if you dont know figure it out.. but anyways. I finally got his money order and it was $20.00 but the gun was $500 its almost like he did this as if it was fucking funny. WELL ITS NOT.

today i am filing the complaints!! i wanted to do this as smoothly as possible but cory rusk just isn't capable.

i now have all his information. where he lives ext. he cant get away with this. for those who have problems with this guy aka. scammer. PM me. i have a way to get your money back without him ripping you off.

His career can and will be destroyed if he does not give us all of our money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks, craig
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