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Well... on Ebay you have to "Agree" to the contract and terms of bidding at an auction type set up. Else your account won't get made. I'm just saying is that what the fine line is on, is Pre-order and deposits vs. Just saying, hey thats what I want!

See what I'm seeing being bitched about on the end of Retailers right now from consumers is this waiting period. But none of them will ever admit to whether or not they "pre-ordered" a gun. I mean I know lots of retailers will take pre-orders, the draw back is you wait longer, but get a bit of a discount.

Anyway... it all depends on the contract you set up. If you as a Retailer say "Look, once you order, your deposit must be made to ensure the transaction." Thats alright, if they call and say "I need a ____" whatever... and you say cool I can have that in two weeks. Then he can still legally choose not too.

Your best bet is the deposits.

Anyway, I'll agree to dissagree with ya on this one ^.^

Btw, I want a metal frame and slide for a KWA M92F IA Elite... got anything? :P
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