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Long time ago when I just started, my team was rushing the tire fort and I was just setting up behind them readying myself for a charge. All of a sudden I see most if not all my team members running back to me, and I saw xTu_StAn running towards me and I had no idea if he was on my team or not, just that he was running towards me with a neutral expression on his face. So I thought "oh, hes on my team, hes just running away"
then the funniest thing he was running towards me, and we were both looking at each other in a funny way, he started slowly raising his gun but with uncertainty and I'm just standing there wondering WTF hes doing, so just imagine both of us with raised guns....just staring at each other...until all of a sudden he said MERCY LOL .... I'm like "aw crap..." :x:

we had a good laugh afterwards
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