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Originally Posted by moderatesniper
Did C.T. take off their "soft air" line up? They don't appear on the website any longer, and I don't regularly vist C.T. unless i need a lightbulb or a hammer.

Yeah, they're cutting back on their soft air side of things. Too many kids using them to get in trouble. And now with them using pellet guns too, who knows what that will mean for C.T. being the once great place to get your young ones a god damn daisy...

Its sickening, it really REALLY is. You wait all your damn summers to finally get your FAC, and now you have to fight to keep your guns. And its just more and more shit being shovelled in your face. What happened? Thats what I want to know. What happened to the good ol' days of fathers being able to trust a kid with an airgun and the most he'd ever kill is a squirell!
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