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Originally Posted by moderatesniper
EDIT: of course 16 would be if he is really smart and got skipped ahead a grade, or so, but from his language...i doubt it.
I thought one of the ideas that we're all trying to promote here is that airsoft is a safe and respectable sport played by, key word here, mature individuals.

Now I may be wrong, but I figure maturity also has something to do with intelligence, and not flying off the handle at any apparent provocation.

I understand that if you order something as big and expensive (and goddamn COOL) as an airsoft gun, its going to be a little upsetting when all that money leaves your hands and you find yourself waiting... and waiting... and waiting. But to wish death upon a someone over it? That seems like a pretty far stretch from maturity.

And all this on a forum where in another thread people were concerned with the media coming in and quoting posts in articles and such?

All this, and blowing up on members of a community that you will more than likely be out on the fields with?

Huh. You can tell I'm impressed. Craig seems just like the kind of fellow who'll throw a fit when things don't go his way on the field, and pop you in the side of the neck at point-blank range, and then tell you that it's your fault, because you shouldn't have made him mad.
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