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Wait let me get this fucking straight, you buy a gun, he gets problems and has bad contact issues. And now because he's in the RCMP and that I for some reason get the feeling that you lied to him about your age, because he IS in the RCMP and KNOWS the law about selling guns to people ((gotta be 18 my friend)). You want to shaft him, for going out on a limb to trust you being under 18?

I don't condone having things listed as in stock and not, I don't condone holding the money when you're having alot of trouble getting the product and I don't condone selling to Minors, and now that I know Rangers and DEA share inventory I don't think I'd trust them very much myself. However where are these guys? Where are they to defend against these allogations.

And Craig, I want to know who vouched for you, or what age you told the retailer. Because I doubt VERY much ANY retailer would sell to a minor, military or not! Cause I know I wouldn't, and I wouldn't sell to a parent who'se buying for a minor either, but some retailers do.
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