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Hmmm it'd probably go in the order of

1. AEG
2. Goggles
3. LBV- vest
4. BDU
5. Side-Arm
6. Tac-shit (holsers, and pouches)

Cause... you can't play with out an AEG... no feild lets you on with out goggles... you need to stow your extra mags before you need to "dissappear" into the foilage ((BDU)). And then your side arm,but why buy the holster before you buy the pistol, so getting the equipment you want/need ((guns and such)) before buying the pouches and holsters before could be a trap to decide what you get on account of whether or not it'll fit in the gear you have.

Of course you can always go spend your money on BDU, LBV, all that "look good dying" stuff, and rent a gun from a friend till you can afford one :P
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