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(this is cross-posted from the MAA site, but it's applicable to this thread too.)

Sorry for yet another post, but us n00bs have questions.

I'm going to be getting into the sport with some regularity, but I will freely admit that cash flow will be tight until my wife goes back to work. Perhaps the timing is not great, but I've got the bug, so I might as well go with it.

I'd like to know what order you would make your purchases in, and where the deals are.

I imagine the order would be:

1. Starter AEG (for CQB) and Case
2. Accessories (red-dot scope, mags)
3. Protective Gear (mask, tac vest)
4. BDUs
5. Tactical Gear (pouches, holster, sling)
6. Sidearm
7. Long-term AEG (for outdoors)

The reason I list 2 AEGs is that I think I have a line on #1. BC Airsoft Supply is bringing in UTG MP5-A4/5 bundles for $219 including 2 double-cap mags, 1000mah battery and charger. I know it's not a great gun, but it's one I can afford to buy at the moment and is apparently quite good for the price. It shouldn't put me at a huge disadvantage at XT, or even for small outdoor games.

For #2 I am eyeing RedWolf but I would rather buy Canadian whenever possible. I can also assume that whomever I get the scopes from would also be a good spot to get #s 3 through 5. At that point I should have a working wife, and some more cash to throw around on a sidearm and primary outdoor AEG.

So, would anyone suggest a different order or purchase? Is the UTG going to cut it for a year or so?

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