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Originally Posted by Bokster
I'm confused between the M9 Full Metal and the M9 1A Full Metal though, is one more powerful than the other? Is one a better skirmisher than the other? Is it just the look? Upgradability?

Its just a different model gun, thats all. One is the G.I. one is the Elite. Just look at the two guns beside each other and you'll see differences, most noteably and the only one that really stands out; is along the barrel there is a round kind of rise in the slide frame.

But Greylocks is right, you're looking for the wrong thing here. Because an airgun can punch holes in cans is because of two things; 1. The power behind the projectile 2. The weight of the round because its metal. If you were to stick a plastic BB ((if you could find one in .177 cal.)) in an airgun with it weighing .20g chances are that the round will still not penitrate the can. A cylinder is one of the strongest shapes (ever wonder why light houses are built like cylinders, its because when an on coming wave crashes against it, the weight of the blow is tranfered evenly around the structure, dissappating((sp?)) the brunt of the blow)), so you need to have a good punch to actually put a hole in the can.

Airsoft is designed for one thing and one thing only, war game simulation. They were not designed to punch holes in cans, or were they designed to most acurately recreate the gun they look like. But, people do use them to "plink" things as for target practice and such. If you want to put holes in something, get a peice of stryofoam from your local Home Depo ((go for the blue insulant stuff)) and staple it to the wall in your basement, and staple a paper target sheet on it. Once you do this, your EBB will even put holes in it. And the Foam should let the round stick in, or just fall to the floor.

Hey Greylocks, this is part of the reason I got out of competitive airgun shooting. Now its all about how much money you can spend on your gun. It used to be simple. Weight, Barrel Length, and Caliber. Now its... tightbores, and speed cockers, and jimmijawhozits... people seem to have been awed by this "upgrade" ability so much that they forget what they're playing with.
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