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Originally Posted by Bokster
I have looked into air pistols, but the thing is I still want to play little wargames with my buddies, and air pistols could literally kill, so for now I'm just looking for plinking until some of my buddies get their weapons as well. The holes through cans bit was just cause I saw a review at redwolf that said it could be possible with minimal upgrades. The thing is that last year I bought an EBB desert eagle cause I was pretty strapped for cash, but I really wanted to do some indoor target practice without running the risk of dammaging anything. This year its time to go for more power!
You dont get it do you?
Airsoft guns are NOT accurate.
If you want one to punch holes in cans, the upgrades will be expensive. Like, in the hundreds of dollars extra.
If you then want to play against folks with that gun, you put them at risk of injuries (want to shoot someone with a gun that goes through cans???).
Is there a reason why you want to risk hurting people?
Did you read through the Information section yet?
Have you gone to a local game to see what folks use?
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