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Originally Posted by Bokster
According to Redwolf and other sites, it's rated for HFC134a gas, but I'd like to use Green Gas for more power, so i'm planning to upgrade with a Zeke metal frame and slide, but I can only find them in WGC.
kinda the wrong section for this BTW... I've heard of Zeke slides cracking with Green Gas, FYI.

This is what I got my eye on: Zeke metal slide and frame kit, Chrome

I'd like to know if it would be too risky ordering the kit? And considering I want more power and accuracy, what other upgrades would you guys suggest? Thanks.
Yeah, there's like a replica all by itself. Customs doesn't care about valves and shit. So you need to get that from a local retailer, too.

Honestly though, MY advice would be maybe trying to find a stock metal Beretta (like KJW) that can run on green right out of the box. Or at least a different slide (ie not the Zeke one).
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