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Originally Posted by HaZarD SFD
I would like to donate but what will the webspace hold.. i.e. phpBB2 Forum and stuff like that.. come on you know you want 40$
If you read the first 2 posts in this thread your questions are answered

Originally Posted by Meat
If you donate $40 or more, you'll get 250 megs of webspace, with a Gallery installed* (, and FTP access.

Originally Posted by HonestJohn
The webspace will exist for as long as this site does and I'm able to offer it without compromising ASC. Maybe forever?
It's for personal, non-commercial use. It's offered on the condition that it is not abused. I don't mind if you hotlink images on other sites, just don't put gigs of bandwidth on your account if you can help it.
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