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ICS build their guns just fine as a stock gun. For guys who want to upgrade, especially those who've barely played with a stock gun and believe upgrading is necessary, they should look elsewhere.

There is no reason to make ICS bushings compatible with Marui specs, as they use a reinforced gear set and they have bushings for their own axle size. I agree with Kokanee and they should install their own metal bushings in all their guns to go along with their reinforced gears.

I also think they should use a good polycarb piston in their upper gear box upgrade kits instead of their painted aluminum piston. With the m120 spring they supply for their upgrade kits, I've found their motor lacking the torque to drive the gun and a better motor would be nice to see.

I wouldn't be too concerned as a company to make it absolutely compatible with all other brands of parts as it is just fine as a stock gun, and they do make very good upgrade packages for it already.

As far as color goes, I could care less myself, but if they want to change from grey to black, it won't affect my opinion of them. I still think they are a good, solid gun with good reliability.
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