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Originally Posted by Erik_james
I try to get out once a month durning the winter, and about 4 times a month durning the summer. We really dont have the many hosted events down here, unless its a RAAT game (thats when Edmonton and Calgary guys come down to Red Deer and have a really big milslim) but other than that, iv never seen Calgary guys at a Edmonton game, nor have I seen Edmonton guys at a Calgary game (except for the one time Midgetspy and a couple Edmonton guys came down to the Tac ops game last summer) Its pretty spread out throughout Alberta. and a drive from Edmonton to Calgary is roughly 3 hours, so people art going to be traveling back and fourth that often.

Nic and I and a few others came down for that Tac-Ops game and we go down whenever there's a big game happening. I can remember a few times I've been to games in calgary and I know the calgary guys come up here for the big games too like Westcan games and I think some came to our Vietnam milsim we hosted so it's not like it doesn't happen, it's just that a 4 hour drive is a bit long unless theres a good reason like a big game or a 24hour game.
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