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Luckly not me, but were at a field waiting for the game to start, everyone talking about previous games, and just wondering around. This field had recently been visited by a bunch of cattle, buddy laughs and starts shooting semi auto into a pile of cow shat, eventually one of the small pieces fly'n away from the pile-o-shat manages to attach itself to his FACE. LOL all he can say is 'DUDE it's on my FACE'.

I was playin a game of indoor at our local indoor facility. as a veteran i was working with the new guys setting up this elaborate breach. After about 5 mins of planning and coordinating all the new guys, i shift my weight to take my first step towards the hallway, and the enemy by fluke happen to be flash shooting right at that moment and i was killed. lol didn't go according to plan,

Another great indoor story. our indoor arena has 5 ramps leading to two seperate upper areas. the ramps are lined with a rubber mat for traction. Prior to this game, (usually i prefer to go first up the ramp) one of my teammates tells me he wants to go first on this assault, i say sure, only to have him trip over his feet on the way up the ramp. Now back to the later game. We are brutelly harrassing him for falling earlier, unbenonced to me, the door leading outside of the building (it is currently raining outside) has been leaking water onto the carpet. by now wet rubber boots on the wet rubber ramp are creating a tragic moment. 3 - 2 - 1 the game starts i shift weight, and boom down i go. Only to be laughed at by the entire team still to this day.

Last story, this is just bad show on my part. Big mil-sim. my squad gets the shat end of the stick, and gets our sleep time taken away, and have to pull base defence (during a cease fire i might add) for the next 8 hrs. We sat in a cold sand bunker all night with no firefights me and my teammate taking turns sleeping 30mins in the cold sand with my ranger blanket. Sun starts to rise and the other squads get out of bed, and we think sweet finally we will get to see some action (14 hrs into the sim, and our squad has yet to be givin a active role in the game, other than move peoples shat from a-b) but alas, no we are stuck on base defence even longer. I stand up, tired not thinking clearly, and say F**k this S**t, i'm done. and i took my stuff and left. not reolizing i took the blanket, only to have my teammate freeze to death for the remaining 3 hours of the sim. they will never let me live that down
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