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To Vapourblast, there is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as a "license to sell airsoft". And if you have a crappy CFO and the RCMP decide to shut you down, there isn't much you can do about it. The only licensing involved in airsoft is the Firearms Business License for Prohibited Devices for Motion Picture Production. It outlines the importation, storage and transfer requirements for that business for motion picture use only as it pertains to "replica firearms".

The problem is that nobody in any government agency will define EXACTLY what a replica is. The Dept. of Justice says one thing, the CFC says another, and the RCMP don't really know what to do.

Some people will say that airsoft guns are, in fact, replicas. Others will say they are not. But if the CFO for your area shows up and demands your inventory, he needs no paperwork, no court order, and can legally compel you to assist him in the seizure, which is forceable confinement. That is the nature of the current Firearms Act.

So in short, there is no legal sale of a replica firearm except to another business with a firearms business license. No private individual can legally possess one unless they owned it prior to Jan. 1/98. The loophole so far is that nobody can agree if airsoft guns are all replicas or not. Some definately are not (XM-8 and M41A) and some definately are. But if your CFO says they are and enforces seizure of your guns, you'll have to go to court to prove your case. This was done in my city last fall with a G&P M4A1 and the judge gave the guy his gun back (after he paid a $1500 fine for threatening someone with a weapon).
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