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Originally Posted by The Stallion
Sorry to bring up at some-what old thread, but I just got back from spring break and saw this. I personally know Cory, and the reason that most of you have had troube recieving yours guns and accessories, it is because so has he. His supplier out west has screwed him out of money on several occasions.

On another note to this, over the past week the RCMP forced him to close shop because they said they will charge him with possesion because they are doing a crack down on airsoft in PEI. So, he is not allowed to sell the guns anymore. But for those of you who ordered guns off of him you will still recieve them when they arrive.

I don't beleive this RCMP thing. First, if he has a licence to sell those guns he has a licence to own them... they can't just force you to close business. Businesses in this country have the same rights as any individuals in this country. They can't just come to your place and say : ''hey don't sell those even if you have a license to do so because we don't like that''... they have to go in front of a judge and get papers to close down the business. On the other hand, If AA don't have any licences to sell, well that is an other problem...It can also be an entirely separated mather like unpaid taxes or other bull$hit and the government is after him.

Second, If that is the RCMP doing this, we will see other retailers around the country receiving uniformed guest very soon...

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