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well definitely a good break-away forces from a republic that have holed up in a remote sanctuary and LRRP's of the 'republic' that probe the enemy's defenses (thru the night) ....the guerrilla forces should dig in during the day...and i mean "dig in" for real, with shovels, form bunkers and form a perimeter, set fields of fire and whatever other devious plots u can dream up, definitely use glow sticks to throw at suspected sapper squads also u can make a lot of fun pyro's with rocket igniters, fire crackers, wire and a small 9v battery.....twigs spread out on avenues of approach is also a good idea....general field craft stuff....a moon lit night is best....but even on a dark night, after about 20 min the eyes start to see more easily.....the trick is to look just slightly away from the point of focus, flash lights r a must, when you are tagged at night u should turn on your flashlight , point it at the ground and walk out of the combat zone to re-spawn after that particular engagement.....i think that based on the range of effective fire for an aeg, night fighting is absolutely the best...because the range of your effective sight is also as a result, what u can see u can hit and not a situation of when u see opfor but they r too far away to shoot at...the patrols of the 'republic' should move in formation and observe general field craft, using hand signals etc...a generator light station away from the combat zone is also a good idea....for battery chargers is very important....if u can get them I.M.P.'s are great, it adds to the realism of the event....all night is definitely exhausting, physically and mentally...being on high alert for hours on end wears u out more that anything but at the end of it u will never have a better airsoft experience...also, a schedule should be drawn up ahead of time detailing assault and counter assault scenarios with loose time frames ...2 or 3 hour periods and both commanders should have a copy...and designated drivers in vans or a bus should take ppl back because they will in no shape to drive home safely...
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