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I have had quite a few gbb.

And I have handled and fired close to all the gbb on the market.

(working at an indoor airsoft CQB place definitely has advantages!!! :mrgreen: )

We have one WE hi-capa, (the first model to come out) and we have multiple dragons and one baby hi-capa.

The dragons are fabulous guns! The blowback is nice and crisp, where the first reg ver. is slow cycling times. (kicks great, but slow cycling)

I am sure this is due to the slide wheight. I realize that the quality control on the WE guns is going to have more difference from gun to gun, but from the 5 guns we got from double edge, all of them worked great!

The baby is a lot of fun, and we use all of the guns on propane, ( have not tried duster, and no Co2 mags )

We have KSC Glock 19's with metal slides for rent. No don't get me wrong, these KSC Glock 19's are DAMN reliable with the public using and abusing them, but they just keep on trucking. However the Glocks ( 19's ) compared to the dragons is just no comparison. The dragons look great, feel great, and shoot great.

As far as Reliability, well time will only tell. The Glocks have raised the bar pretty damn high in that regard, hopefully the dragons are up to the challenge.

The dragons are a great buy ( I.M.O. ) for a first gbb or an experienced user. They have good kick, great cycle times, and they look damn sexy.

But I do have to agree, comparing a $200 WE to a $450 W.A. is just not quite on par.

W.A. are the pimp, and I think everyone here could agree to that, but WE are pretty damn descent, especially for the price.

Well that's my two cents.
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