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On the first page someone mentioned as a joke, a bylaw that outlaws swearing, well in Ottawa there is one, its a $50 fine to swear in public, I know people (mostly international students) who are trying to be charged for it so they can brag about it.

I wanted an easy bake oven when I was a kid, but none of my relatives would get it for me because "it was for girls" (my grandma was more than willing to get my a lever action air rifle though)
Now I'm 19 and have l33t skills making cakes, cupcakes, and bread but also play airsoft, so its all good :-)

Watch the movie equilibrium if you havnt, that is most likely what polititians see as the ideal society (minus the military police everywhere) in my opinion. They want zero crime, zero unrest, zero everything except compliant citizens. Parents want perfect little kids for their perfect little world, or what they think the world is, try talking about AIDs in Africa, the thousands of people killed on the street in Detroit every year, and the fact that someone is shot to death every so many minutes somewhere in the world by an AK-47, mass government authorized killings in China that are covered up, or anything else bad that happens in the world and they will just ignore it, they dont want to know how bad the world is, they just want to surround themselves with what they want, nice happy smiling people that play friendly sports and drive nice fuel efficient cars, no fighting, no war, nothing.

If they wanted to be a beacon in the world to show what life can be, that would be different, but most of them just want to not know anything bad and live a happy-go-lucky life in pure utter peace. I know some people that dont watch international news because its too depressing and reminds them of how messed up the world is, and since many of these people are the ones in majority or the higher income brackets they often have more power than the rest of us so these stupid laws get passed, hell many polititians are the same happy-go-lucky people.

Oh, and an interesting thing about police, they say they dont want the police to accidentally shoot a kid whos wielding a capgun, my aunt and uncle are both police in an undisclosed large Canadian city and my aunt is afraid of the shotgun she is "forced" to use and doesnt know what kind of pistol she has past "smith and wesson" and "9mm." My uncle is a little more knowledgable but still is no where near expert, and from what I'm told there are many police like this. So sometimes the police cant tell the difference between an obvious toy and a real gun so there is a problem there too, I'm not saying its their fault, but at least they can be knowledgeable about what they are going to run into in the streets, my uncle completly freaked when I was a kid and he saw me with a 44 magnum scale replica capgun with a MASSIVE orange cap on the end (it nearly doubled the diameter of the barrel) but it took him nearly 5 seconds to clue in that it was a toy, someone who carries a gun around all the time shouldnt have taken nearly that long to clue in.
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