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i agree with the soccer moms. i also agee that imature pupils or take thier guns out way too often when they dont' need to . they do not realize that these guns can get you shot. youngins aswell as people that don't know any better think that these guns are just bb guns and yes they are but to the the general plublic, they are still guns. if i was a cop i'd shoot you first and ask questions later if you had a fully automatic rifle aimed at me. there are fields to use these guns so take them there and use them. you dont' take a real steel into your back yard and target practice there do you? i do uderstand the need to try ur new aeg or gbb out, just be wise about it. people these days worry way too much about what would happen to their kids *which is understandable* if they lose an eye or get shot by a real steal. there is so much gun violence out there now a days that the media preaches calling the cops for even just parking outside their house.

i preach take your gun out to an approved airsoft field to try them out. that way no worries are brought up and u can shoot all u like. i wouldn't want a cop coming to my house saying that people are worried because they looked in my window as they walked by ans saw me holding a few guns.

another point.......a buddy of mine sold his usp from mid bc to a person in kelowna. it was arranged to be shipped via xpress post. the rcmp scanned the package and held it. they since have returned it and said that most airmail packages are scanned now and guns aren't allow to be sent airmail. the safest and only way to send airsoft guns in bc is by ground and mark it pellet gun. this is new to me and i'm gonna try to find more info on this.

on a side note. i believe the government gun registery sux, what criminal would register thier illegal gun bought downtown for a couple hundred bucks.
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