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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Originally Posted by Greylocks
It would also go a long way to solving the public's distorted views and lawmaker's ideas if you had to be of legal age.
Well legal age in Ontario is so confusing. A child can legally stay home alone at 12, drive at 16, join the CF at 16, quit school at 16, vote at 18, drink at 19. What does legal age really mean?
It's really not as confusing as it may look to an outsider. An individual in Ontario reaches the age of full legal responsibility at age 18 (that is that they are no longer a minor). Very straightforward stuff.

The older ages (19 for drinking etc) is actually a form of licensing for a particular product, kind of like your drivers lic. You can't be a judge etc until a certain age either but nobody gives a %%^& about that one. The younger ages are just variations on penal or regulatory conduct controls.

Personally, as a pliantiff lawyer, I don't have a problem with someone under 18 playing, because I am not an organizer or parent. However if someone under 18 injuries me stupidly I can sue the parents to get access to more insurance and assets to satisfy my claim.

If you have a problem with this theory, please make sure you can explain joint and several liability, the "knew or ought to have known" doctrine in tort, and subrogated interests before you take issue with it. It will save me boring everyone in the discussion.

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