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Originally Posted by Dracheous
ban = more... if you want proof look at the alcohol ban in the 50's... the mob got rich...
*clarification* it was the 20's (but good point, and the same could be said for the reefer too )

Originally Posted by Dracheous
... but why are these laws and time sets and all this crap targeted at the guy who collects them!?
Originally Posted by DJ_Mittens
What's even worse is that the majority of those guns are antiques and guns otherwise owned by responsible individuals. The ones that need to disappear, the illegal ones, are only found in seizures or in the hands of dead gang bangers.
I kind of agree, however... the thing you guys are missing is that these "gangbangers" (some of whom are in fact not dead upon the recovery of these weapons) are getting a lot of their guns by stealing them from the collectors.. or getting them from someone else who stole them. so it's really more of a complex issue than you're making it out to be. that being said, i don't really know how this thread about replica/toy gun by-laws turned into one about the debate over real firearms.. lol. but yeah, the by-law sounds like a good thing so far, and the problems expressed by others regarding the soccer-mom factor are shared by many, and are quite troubling
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