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Originally Posted by PineappleMan
Hey everyone, just an observation I've made, but has anyone noticed that some Canadian retailers are selling the WE Hi Capa pistols for insanely low prices? (by Canadian standards anyway *chuckles*) They sell for about $200 cdn. Now, looking at the prices on HK retailer websites, the WE's sell for about $95usd.

Here's the interesting bit, if you further look at the HK sites, you'll notice that most other pistols are priced similarily around the $95-$150usd. But now, looking at these same pistols on a Canadian site, they are priced around $280-$400+ Canadian dollars, when they could be in the same $200cdn price range as the WE pistols are.

Is there any particular reason why the WE pistols sell for such a low cost? Sorry if the post was a little hard to follow.

The pre-order price from DEA was even cheaper then 200... like 170 or 180. Damn fine price for decent guns. I'm loving my WE baby hi-capa

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