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ok... lets get out of the tree

first.. I have zero interest in being a spokesperson for the community.

This community has a great distance to go before there could be any sort of central body that would be accepted as any sort of "authority" . The 3 other boards of directors that I serve on preclude me from taking on any other responsibilites should some body develop in the future

I feel 100% empowered to be a spokesperson for TTAC3,

I take exception to suppositions to my motives.. I spend 13 to 20 hours a week facilitating, organizing, and running airsoft events for the people who enjoy our "flavour" of airsoft.Over and above the 12 to 16 hours I spend teaching martial Arts, while holding down a 50 hour a week job while serving on the board of 3 not for profit corporations. So far for my efforts I'm in the hole by serveral thousands of dollars, this is certainly not about money. Ask anyone who has met me what their perception of my motives are.

Through my efforts I have introduced 80 people to the activity since September, many of these people have gone on to buy kit, gear and pay game fees. Many people on these forums have benefitted directly from my work. If there is someone else contributing to this magnitude to this community for little to no compensation I'd like to meet them.

Does this make me qualified to speak on anyone elses behalf?

not at all, And I would not presume to speak for anyone.

Rest assured that I would never seek the media.. I'v been there and done that I know how it works. Should they show up on my door, neither would I refuse to talk to them.
Refusing to talk to the media certainly will not limit their ability to fabricate a story.

At the end of the day all this talk about banning this or that.. or implementing bylaws is just so much bread and circuses.
I can't see any will within the government to change laws that work quite well.

I'm tired of the debate.. as it has been so "done" before
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