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Someone mentioned "That if it was the globe it would be different". Would they portray a story in a better light? If so, why not jump the gun on City TV and talk to the Globe? I may be totally wrong, but it may be worth a shot.


I was talking to one of my friends studying journalism at the U of C who writes for the university paper (not trying to get him to write a story for us, just asking question) He said that when it comes to public interest issues, News agencies hate being second. He had written up a good article on that guy's mom in Calgary who was living in a hallway because of lack of beds, but his editor canned it when the Sun beat him to it.

He also suggested that if we did find a new media we trusted, we could point out the fact that this sport largely originated in Japan, yet look at it's gun crime rate. Clearly there's no correlation.
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