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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Well, I was trying to be a little more circumspect about it, but yeah, you're pretty saying what I've been trying to say (politely) throughout this thread.

Just going back to post #1, don't give City-TV anything, don't show them anything, don't invite them anywhere to see your collection if they call you. Thats all. No good will come of it because of the nature of the story. Simple as that.

Retailers are aware that cameras are roving around looking for 'replica guns for sale' and each are doing what they feel they need to do to protect themselves from unwanted attention for the next couple of days. Thats all that is needed to prevent airsoft from getting a 10 second video-byte. They'll probably resort to going down to a local Canadian Tire and buying a soft-air gun, which will look pretty dumb anyways.

Just use your heads and failing that, "me no speak engrish" works too.
I think that only works if you're Asian or have some sort of non-english accent (russian, german, flemish, french ect.). If you're asian though speak in your own language and hope that the reporter dosen't know that language. failing that "I on-nee speek klingon (insert language here)" or some random language that no one knows about.
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