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For the record, I have played at TTAC3 several times now and I certainly do not feel that Brian's motives are masked or insincere. I have played with him personally and he does share the same love for the sport that I do at least.

As far as media attention goes, there is not a whole lot that we can do. If we remain silent we will be looked at poorly. If we speak up, our words will be used against us. The only hope we have is that Canadian's still believe in freedom.

If we somehow managed to remove all guns from the country, criminals will use knives. If we remove all knives and swords, they will use blunt objects. It is impossible to remove blunt objects from society as they can be anything. The point is, how much are Canadians going to allow to be removed from them? Airsoft is a sport that a large number (thousands?) play, respect, and are responsible with. So is baseball (only millions). Airsoft can be used to commit a crime. So can a baseball bat.
At some point, Canadians are going to have to consider what we are willing to give up in our society because of the abuses of the few.
At some point, Canadians will have to realize that you cannot remove the rights of law-abiding citizens, to combat crime.
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