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2 Bags of bb's for a logo.

As odd as it sounds, RAAT (Red Deer Airsoft Assault Teams) has been going for 5 years now and we still do not have an official club logo/patch! We're holding a contest to correct this oversight. We're offering 2, countem' 2 bags of .20g bb's (Excel or AE, whatever I get my hands on). Nothing more than that as we're insanely poor rednecks. We've been running the contest for a month now and wanted the local Alberta teams to have a shot before we went nation wide (not to slight the entries so far.)

Contest rules are as follows:

1) Artwork must be original or substantially changed from an original piece.

2) Artwork must be able to be replicated on a 3-4" patch (2-4 colors or so & simple artwork, no shading).

3) Artwork becomes property of RAAT to use as the club sees fit.

4) Chosen artwork may have to be altered to be replicated on a patch.

Landen and I will judge all the entries and choose the winner as it's too easy for a poll to get "fixed". We will judge all entries evenly, not giving preference to any individual. Enter as many times as you like. Email entries to me at the E-addie in my profile, please submit in jpg format.

Here's a link to the entry gallery.

Entries will be uploaded usually the same day as recieved.

Contest ends February 28, 2006, winner will be announced March 4, 2006. We may extend the end date if there are not enough entries.

Good luck and enter often.
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