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Im of the opinion that we as a community should have a spokesperson who is articulate and "stand up member of the community". If we look like we have somthing to hide, it really makes us look shady. For us old folks remember when paintball was for "terrorist training" and such? I do, now its played in Skydome with spectators. Is the general public ready for airsoft to be played(even if we wanted) in the skydome?? no I dont think so. The media looks to twist stories as much as they can for thier own inrests this is true. I would make a tape of any conversation had with a media person and dick slap them with a libal (SP?) suit if they twist it. This is me tho and im of the mind we should all be unified one way or the other. All it takes is for one 13 year old nub who gets shit on for not reading the FAQ to talk to the media and give them a "story".

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