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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
A statment of No Comment is translated as "more to the story" by any journalist.

It is situations like this where information is being "hunted" that someone intelligent should step up to speak to the media.

They will get their story.. it is what they are paid to do.

and push come to shove it is better to have some control over that story than none.

If the community all close the blast doors and skuttle back to dark corners.. it is just a matter of time before someone shines a light in there.
What they don't need to find is some goob polishing his glock in his underware.

Granted.. in most cases journalists write the story then start looking for "facts" and there is difficulty in presenting this activity in a light that would make it wholesome to the casual observer, but it is not impossible to do so.

Situations like this where a united front and a set media policy, and a designated spokesperson for the community would be helpful to cast this "sport" in a light that is positive.
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Brian - in a way you already have been a spokeman for the community. You have a public place to play which is housed in the same area where "soccer moms" bring thier children to do martial arts. You are also quite quick to label our equipment as something which has not been properly defined yet by anybody. As I said earlier, we can't even agree amongst ourselves, nevermind the lawmakers, or law enforcement. Whether you have good intentions or not, your flagrant posting of the law and your insistance that our equipment is "replica's" is only going to fuel the opinions of those who are no doubt reading these boards looking for just such ammunition. You, for all I know are seeing airsoft as a business opportunity (IMO), and don't have a love for the game in such a way as the rest of us do, so as was said, you are not a spokesman for me either, and since you can't differentiate individuals when giving your opinion, please say nothing on behalf of the community. Let the community decide who, if anyone, should be a spokesperson. End rant.
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