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Well I for one know I'd rather not talk with the media, I've seen how they can make you say what they want you to say, they're as bad if not worse than lawyers. The 5th estate is no longer noble, they don't whistle blow on things because they are reporting wrong doings, they whistle blow because they want to sell papers/advertising/yadda yadda...

How ever if you are approached, like Jay says, they will quote you out of context. You say that you play the sport to live out harmless fantasy's you'll be portrayed as a blood thirsty antisocial demon. It's been a long time since cops and robbers was acceptable, and an even longer time since cowboys and indians was allowable and allied vs terrorist err freedom fighter just isn't polliticaly correct.
If you mention that playing the sport to relieve stress and you'll be shown as some one who is one frayed nerve from going postal at any moment.
Tell the media how you have to be verified to buy a gun and the age verifiers will be depicted in a bad light.
Mention how it's 18 and over (except it's not, select minors get to play) then they'll say kids have no where to play but the streets.

You're better off with a tactic of avoidance. Some one phones you, tell them you're not there, just like a telemarketer. You can not save airsoft talking to these people, as it's been said before, no matter what you say, the story's been written you've already been judged and you're guilty. You can't fight the press in their court with their ball. While we are not as bad with the fearmongering as the USA we certainly are headed that way. The press is more likely to look at an airsoft team (insert your favourite highly organised team here) and say they're paramilitaries training to overthrow the government then compare them to a bowling team of buddies who like to joke around have a few beers and be armchair experts on everything.
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