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Originally Posted by mouse
Its a damn conspircay. My father recently got his pal after his fire arms were licensed under the old fac. He isnt grandfathered even though they were registered over 30 years ago because he didnt register them on 2003. How many times does it need to be done! Now he needs to get a barrell that is half an inch longer which doesnt make me feel any safer if its pointed at me!!!! Guns=bad? Many women wear high heels, and so do hookers. Does that mean that they are hookers? Were not criminals, but political strategy is political strategy so we just gota ride it out.
My dad's in the same boat. The guns, not the heels. I think that Jay has already pointed out that he once did an interview with City-TV and they completely misquoted him. I think Jay is a well spoken and articulate person. They can edit the story to read any way that they want. Would anyone here like to be known as the person who ended it all for airsoft because they had good intentions but the media spun an interview their way. As Rob said, this is not a "The sky is falling thread". It's just a heads up to the community.
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