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I agree with you Jay 100%. I like you, know a few cops that play, and have been told exactly what you just said. The problem as I see it, is the debate we as a community are always having on this. We can't seem to even agree amongst ourselves. So how can we circle the wagons when the bad guys come?! Getting quotes from the criminal code yet again in yet another thread isn't going to do anything except fuel the fire when the "interested parties" come looking on this thread for information. To all the forum "lawyers": when you graduate with an LLb from Osgoode Hall and have persuaded a judge how to interpret the law as it relates to our equipment, then come back and tell us how it works. Until then, shelve yer legal mumbo jumbo. There are cops that play here, if it were that illegal, they wouldn't be risking thier chosen profession by playing and/or owing the equipment.
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