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Originally Posted by JacoNB
Unfortunately, it probably won't be a member of the airsoft community that goes on air with all his guns and tells everyone how easy they are to get... it'll be a 16 year old --with a soccer mom that spoils him rotten and buys him whatever he wants -- that gets on the air and makes us all look like knobs.

The media isn't fair and unbiased... chances are they're LOOKING for someone to demonize. It makes for good ratings when people are scared, and that's what they're looking to do. Scare the people into believing that airsoft = criminal activity.
Thats what I am afraid of, they will look past all the responsible mature airsofters and find the few retarded teenagers with canadian tire guns to base their segments on. The fear mongering bastards they are...
Originally Posted by pugs144
Only mall ninja poseur attention-whores go around wearing full kit outside the field.
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