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Survey - Airsoft Inventory

Here's a question I have been thinking about for a while. This is your chance to give all of us retailers some input. This could be some good info for ALL of the retailers out there.

What would you like to see more readily available and stocked with the retailers?

I'm not asking specific items, but more general. For example:

TM AEG's, G&G accessories or AEG's, G&P Accessories or AEG's, CA, ICS, Systema parts, Metal bodies, metal slides, KSC, WA, ect......

Let us know if there is something out there that you are tired of ordering, and waiting 4 - 6 weeks for :hammer: I know we will get lots of different answers, however, if there are one or two particular items out there that are really taking the lead, then we could work on accommodating that for you.

PS – I will be without my computer for the long weekend (Feb. 17 – 20th) so I won’t be avail to check until after that, but hopefully you guys take a couple minutes to give us your input, and improve the selection and availability for all of you.
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